Fancy Cloth



3 x pack 100% natural, unbleached cotton muslin face cloths (i.e. very fancy).

Muslin cloths are amazing - we are total converts, and we hope you will be too!  We love them because as you wash your face with cleanser, the muslin gently buffs away dead skin.  It is also a more hygienic way to wash your face rather than just using your fingers.  Using our Fancy Cloths will leave your skin smoothed and primed for the application of oils, serums, and moisturiser.  They are better for the environment, as you use less cleanser and water.  As they are reusable, they are also better than those one-off nasty wipes!  Say goodbye to Nana's old flannels – a Fancy Cloth is the way to go for super soft, clean skin.

2% of sales are donated to Youthline
100% Natural - Certified Palm Free - Made in NZ

Apply cleanser to face as per directions. Saturate Fancy Cloth in warm water and squeeze out any excess. Use all over your face in gentle circular motions to remove all traces of cleanser and the day’s dirt, makeup and sunscreen. You can also use the cloth to open pores prior to doing your skin treatments - run hot water through the cloth, squeeze out any excess and place it over your whole face to steam. Wash your cloth after each use by placing it in the washing machine with like colours on a gentle cycle and leave to line dry.

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