Sun Smarts 101

Days at the beach, cheeky roadies, barbies, sunbathing, daylight saving hours, picnics at the park, blue skies – who doesn’t love a good summer? The 2023 summer is a doozy, so grab your sunnies, SPF and say slip, slop, slap, wrap!

Staying sun smart is important during this hot, hot weather, so we’re here to give you some hot tips on how to take care of yourself this summer!

The sun rays can be beautiful and captivating in all their glory. However, they can also be quite damaging! The double-edged sword that is the sun comes with various dangers – prolonged exposure can give you sunburn – yikes, painful! There’s also UV light – which can cause damage to your skin – this could possibly lead to melanoma or other skin cancers later.

Our saviour? Sunscreen!

You should take special care if you’re living in NZ because the ozone layer is very thin and gives almost no protection. The ozone layer is like the Earth’s protective bubble against the sun – it helps absorb and reflect the sun’s rays so they’re not as intense and damaging. NZ’s ozone layer is almost non-existent, so in summer the sun’s rays are way stronger and damaging to us! Therefore, you should keep your SPF handy all year round, not just in summer.

If you’re going out to buy yourself some new sunscreen, have a look at the packaging. Make sure it says the term “broad spectrum.” Broad spectrum sunscreens provide all-rounder protection against BOTH UVA and UVB rays. SPF 50+ is the highest rating possible and provides you the maximum protection against UVB rays (the culprit of sunburn). PA++++ gives you the most protection against UVA rays. UVA is where you get your skin aging and damage like hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Both UV light types can promote the development of skin cancers.

Hydrate even more than you did before!

High temperatures mean your body is trying harder to regulate your body heat, so it produces more sweat in an awesome effort to cool you down. Sweating a lot will dry up your inner water reserves so it is important to top these up by intaking more fluids. Rather than drinking litres upon litres of water, drinks with electrolytes will help the water to stay inside your cells, keep you hydrated more effectively and for longer.

Shade is your new best friend

Try to avoid staying directly under the sun during peak hours – this is usually 10AM-4PM. During this time is when the sun’s UV levels are at its most intense. Try to plan your outdoor adventures for earlier or later in the day to avoid this. If you do go out, make sure to alternate between a shady spot, like under a big tree. If that’s not possible, wear a big ol’ hat to protect your face and neck. Your face, nose and neck are the areas most prone to sunburn.

Summer calls for extra TLC

Your skin will need some extra tender, loving (skin)care during this balmy time. It can get more easily irritated, sensitive and red in the summer heat.

Here are our top picks to keep your skin cool and fresh evre. summer day!

Our Wake Me Up Watermelon and Rose Face Mist is the refreshing, cooling powerhouse your skin needs. Formulated with hydrating watermelon and rose water, it’s filled to the brim with antioxidants – great for skin healing and reducing the appearance of redness. Super soothing and restoring, this is great to take in your tote, for whenever you need a quick refresh on the go. It’s also a life-saving SOS for any spots that get sunburn, so mist away!

Skin feeling super dry and red after being out in the sun? Our Treat Yo’self Very Berry Hyaluronic Hydration Jelly Face Mask is the best skin hydrator and pick-me-up! Relax and treat your skin while basking in the smell of yummy candied berries. Well-needed water molecules will absorb deep down into your skin’s layers while you wind down after a long day. This mask will plump your face right back up and make your skin look and feel new. It’s also full of restorative antioxidants that give anti-inflammatory benefits, restore your skin barrier and aid in healing.

Get your hands on our Get Your Glow On Mango Shimmer Body Butter after a day in the sun to nourish and hydrate your skin. We've also added in a touch of shimmer to get you glowing from the inside out! 

We hope these tips and recommendations give you some ideas on how to stay sun smart. Now go out there and have fun while the sun’s still out!