Girl skin, boy skin, what’s the difference?

Skincare is definitely not just a girls’ thing. In fact, teen boys should care about their skin even more. Here’s why:

What’s different between a boy and a girl when it comes to skin?

Not that much, but enough for guys to start thinking of skincare a lot more than they do as they have a bigger chance to have oily skin and acne.

Sorry dudes, but that’s right, boys tend to get more acne (and pimples) than girls.

Look at your mates and then look at the girls your age and you will notice the difference if you’ve never thought of it before. See how your mates have a fair amount of more pimples?

Why are boys more likely to get acne?

It’s not a matter of hygiene, the reason for this unfair advantage is the hormone that boys develop the most during puberty: the mighty testosterone.

Yes, the one that can make boys act like a pack of wild animals when they come together. All that fun rumble and tumble? Testosterone.

The same hormone that grows hair all over your body, turns your boys’ muscles into men’s and make your voice break and deepen.

While it makes boys become men, it also causes havoc to your skin.

It makes your oil glands grow bigger, which in turns produces more natural oils, your sebum.

Sebum is not bad but when there is too much of it and it hardens into your pores, you then get clogged pores, bacteria settles in, and bam, pimples appear.

But don’t worry it happens for girls too as they also get a surge of testosterone when they hit teenage years – their level of testosterone is just much lower.

So, what should boys do?

Use skincare products every single day. Yes, REALLY.

Stay with us, don’t look away.

We are not telling you to have a 5-step skincare routine! Nobody likes 5 steps. And frankly, at evre. we don’t think taking care of your skin should be that complicated either. We designed our products, so they suit teenagers’ lives, whatever the gender. We don’t discriminate and we think life should be a little simpler for busy teens, so we keep it simple but efficient.

The key is to focus on products that answer your skin’s needs.

If you’re a guy and have oily skin, use our Oh So Extra Pineapple & Coconut Face Cleanser when you take your shower. It is a no-fuss, super easy to use cleanser that will keep that pesky oil in check, so your skin feels fresh and clean.

How to keep your skin clean without any fuss

  • Keep your face products in the shower so you use them. Make your life easier and your skincare routine too. Guys don’t want to fuss over their skin over the sink. By washing your face in the shower, you think about it, and you are sure it’s always clean. That easy.
  • Remember it’s not just about your face. Apply your cleanser all the way up to the hairline, behind the ears, the shoulders and even your back. If you play sport, keeping your back clean will help to avoid the annoying ‘backne’ so go all the way there too.
  • Go easy on junk food. We know, going to Macca’s with your mates is easy and sugary fizzy drinks give you a buzz, but seriously, junk food = skin problems. We know you may not be ready to turn into a health junkie but eating more veggies, less processed food, sugar and dairy will help with your skin – and your energy levels too!
  • Chill out. Stress triggers breakouts so find ways to relax when you feel everything is starting to spin too fast. Breathing exercises are easy to do anywhere and a relaxing meditation will help you start your day clear-headed or help you snooze at night. Doing something you enjoy is another good way to melt down stress. Anything that makes you feel calmer is good for your mental health but also for your skin.

What about shaving?

When it’s time to think of shaving, an electric razor is a much gentler – and safer – option. It’s easier to use, kinder to your skin and it reduces the risk of irritation.

Our Super Nice Mānuka Honey & Vitamin E Face Moisturiser is perfect to use after shaving as it will soothe your skin and nourish it, so you don’t feel the ‘post-shave heat’ and minimise redness too.  You can also try using our Time To Shine Raspberry & Almond Face Scrub to keep ingrown hairs away and lift dead skin cells and impurities.

Active guys, we have 3 tips for you:

  1. Think about your gym gear. If you are wearing a helmet, clean the chin strap regularly as it collects bacteria, which turns into pimples!
  2. Same with your backpack, especially when it gets hot and you’re sweating underneath.
  3. Take your shower as soon as you can after training. B.O. is not fun for anyone, but it also tells you that bacteria is ready for action. That means pimples, guys.

Don’t feel bad about your skin

Nobody should feel bad about their skin. Boy or girl. But if you’re feeling the psychological pressure is too much, talk to your GP to understand what else can be done for your skin. If you still feel overwhelmed and feel like you need a little extra help, and if you don’t feel like talking to someone you know, you can reach out to Youthline.  Youthline provides a 24/7 Helpline service that is made for young people who are facing challenges. It’s free and you can contact them by text, email, phone or webchat for counselling support. The team are friendly and know how to help you so it’s a safe place to share your worries.  Youthline is a great place to learn more about mental health issues, well-being and personal development. Head to their website if you want to understand more.