How to have lucky girl syndrome

Lucky girl syndrome is a manifestation exercise which helps you change your mindset to welcome into your life high vibrations and positive outcomes which align with what you want in your life.  It is a practice where you essentially play a game with your mind, where you justify that everything works out in your favour.  This mindset tool brings awareness to your thoughts and helps you catch yourself when you are being negative and telling yourself the opposite thing.  It shifts your brain from worst case scenario thinking in which you think that you are not good enough to get what you want to best case scenario thinking in which all your hopes and dreams are realised.

How many times do you tell yourself that things never work out for you, that you don’t deserve to be happy and get everything you want in life?  You might tell yourself that you need to hustle and work hard to get what you want and even then, it may not work out.  Just think about how destructive that thinking is and the impact it has on building your self-worth. 

When our natural self-talk is to tell ourselves it’s not going to work out for me or something similarly negative.   You have essentially discouraged yourself before you have even started!  This is because of something called the Law of Assumption, which is all about what you believe to be true then becomes your reality.  

Lucky Girl Syndrome is when you really want something, and you EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN this then changes the outcome.  Even more importantly it changes how you feel every day - mentally, physically and emotionally not to mention how much more fun your life will be and how much more excited you are to live your life.  That then impacts how you show up in your day for your relationships, for school, work and your health.  

So how do you practice Lucky Girl Syndrome?  A really easy way to start this practice is to say a simple affirmation when you wake up each morning - two of our favourite ones are “I am so lucky, it always works out for me” or “the universe will always give me what I need”.  The next thing you do is to be mindful with your thoughts, each time you catch your self-thinking negative thoughts about an outcome that you want, change up the thought process to one of these affirmations or simply say “this will work out for me, I am lucky”.  Sounds too easy right?  So easy in fact that you need to try it!

We can’t wait to hear how this works for you in 2023!