Navigating One-Sided Friendships

Friendships are like the glitter glue that helps hold our lives together, right? But what do you do when you feel like you're the only one adding sparkle to the mix? We recently saw this viral TikTok and it broke our hearts and got us thinking about what you might need to do when you feel like your friendships are one-sided.  

Spotting the Signs: 🚩

First things first, how do you even know if your friendship is one-sided? Look out for these telltale signs:

  • You're the Instigator-in-Chief: You're always the one making plans and reaching out. Time to pass the friendship torch, perhaps?
  • The Mysterious Disappearing Act: Your friend has a black belt in canceling plans. Sure, things come up, but this is a pattern, not a coincidence.
  • Selfie-Centered Conversations: When you chat, it feels like your friend's life is the only interesting thing in the universe. What happened to mutual excitement about each other's lives?
  • The Mystery of "Me, Myself, and I": Your friend's world revolves solely around them. Your achievements, dreams, and daily dramas? Not on their radar.

Understanding the Unevenness:

Before you start feeling down about it, remember that not all one-sided friendships are malicious. Sometimes, people are clueless about their behavior, or life throws them curveballs. So, let's talk about how to handle this like a boss!

Honesty is the Best Policy: 🗣️

Ready to level up? Here's how to tackle the one-sided friendship situation head-on:

  • Timing is Everything: Find a comfy spot and a free slot in your schedule to have a heart-to-heart chat with your friend.  
  • "I" Statements Rule: Express your feelings using "I" statements. Instead of blaming, say, "I've been feeling like our friendship is a bit one-sided," instead of "You're always ignoring me."
  • Listen Like a Pro: Be an active listener when your friend responds. They might not even realise they've been one-sided or have stuff going on in their life.
  • Stay Prepared: Be prepared for any response, whether it's an apology or a less-than-stellar reaction. What's important is that you're standing up for yourself.

Taking Control of the Friendship Scale: 🌟

If your friend acknowledges the issue and wants to make things right, amazing! You both can work on balancing the friendship scales. But if they don't, it's your time to shine!

  • Expand Your Galaxy: Invest more time in other friendships that appreciate your awesomeness. Why put all your friendship eggs in one basket?
  • Friendship Boundaries: Set those boundaries, superstar! Let your friends know what you need to feel valued and respected.
  • Self-Care is Queen: Focus on your self-care rituals and activities that light up your world. Your happiness isn't a one-friend show!
  • Hello, New Connections: Keep your social radar on. Sometimes, outgrowing old friendships leads to incredible new ones!

So, in the grand tapestry of teenage life, one-sided friendships are just one colorful thread. Your feelings matter, and you have the power to create a fantastic social life that radiates positivity and self-love.

Remember, you're amazing, and the world is full of potential friends who can't wait to celebrate your awesomeness with you, it is time to find your tribe! 🎉✨