What’s the fuss with moisturising?

You probably apply cream to your face every day but if you’re not, here’s why moisturiser is really your skin’s BFF.

Your skin is your largest organ. It protects all your internal organs and regulates your body temperature, so looking after your skin is not vain, it’s essential.

Because like all other parts of your body, your skin is cleverly designed. It is made of several layers, with the top layer being your protective layer (stratum corneum). This is where your skin holds the water it needs to keep healthy and regulate your body’s temperature.

Why do we need to use a moisturiser?

The job of your moisturiser is simple and the name says it all: it ensures your skin keeps the right amount of moisture to be healthy.

When your skin lacks moisturise, it starts looking dull for a reason: your skin cells aren’t given the boost of hydration they need.

Imagine running a 10km and neither drinking water to hydrate nor food to fuel your body. You would feel pretty horrible, right? That’s the same for your skin. It stops regenerating your skin cells and in turns, your glands overproduce oil to compensate (hello, shiny, oily skin) in some parts and it is flaky in others. Not the glowing skin everyone wants.


What else does it do?

Your moisturiser also keeps pollutants out of your pores (that’s the grime and bacteria your skin collects throughout the day) so they stay healthy and do their ventilating job well.

How does it work?

Your moisturiser keeps your skin healthy by nourishing it with ingredients that make it work more efficiently. Just like healthy food helps your brain and body function better, when you choose a moisturiser with a formula made out of good quality ingredients, your skin will do its job better.

At evre.  we always prefer to choose natural ingredients that support the good health of your skin - and the rest of your body.  Because we believe that if you feed your skin with real goodness, it will show on the outside but keep you healthy on the inside too.

That's why our Super Nice Mānuka Honey & Vitamin E Face Moisturiser contains high quality Mānuka Honey UMF to boost moisture, protect and repair skin.  It also contains nourishing and protective avocado, jojoba, rosehip and coconut oils to keep its texture smooth and plump, lock in moisture in and keep bacteria at bay.  We also added glycerin, which is a humectant that mimics hat your skin does (hold onto that good moisture) to keep your skin hydrated.  We also added in a naturally occurring for of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage and protects the skin's barrier.

How to apply moisturiser

It may sound obvious, but did you know that a lot of people apply their face cream in a way that actually damages their skin? Some people (The Over-Rubbing Crew) get a little too carried away and rub too hard. It causes friction, which damages the fibres of your skin. Just think of what happens when you rub too hard on the paper to erase your pencil, it wrinkles and tears the paper. That’s the same with your skin. You may not see wrinkles for a while but if you do rub too much, you may see them appear too early later on.

  • You want to gently massage your cream into your skin instead of dragging it over your face. Your skin is especially fragile around your eye area (it’s actually the thinnest layer of your entire body), so be even gentler there and use your ring finger to pat your moisturiser around your eyes.
  • Always apply your products in a circular motion to boost your micro-circulation and get rid of puffiness.
  • Don’t forget your neck and your ears too. They’re exposed all day long, just like your face.
  • Apply when your skin is still damp after your shower. The washing has stripped your skin from its moisturising oils, so it needs food. It’s the perfect time as the steam of the shower opens your pores and your moisturiser sinks into your skin faster.

 My skin is oily and my cream contains oil, what should I do?

Oils help your skin to do its job, remember? So, they are not your enemy. In fact, all the oils contained in our moisturiser help to boost and keep moisture into your skin so moisturising helps to reduce the excess sebum (your natural oils) production as it keeps your skin working properly.

Some people like to choose a lighter texture such as a lotion and others, a richer texture like a thicker cream but the texture of your product is not what makes your skin oily. It is the formula and the quality of the ingredients contains in your products that support your skin in doing its best job.

Our cream moisturiser is comforting and refreshing at once and we designed it so it helps to keep your skin’s PH level balanced, so your skin barrier is functioning well.

If you’re wondering what your skin’s PH level is, it is simply the level of acidity in your skin’s barrier. Keeping it balanced (at a slightly acidic 5.5 level) means that your skin barrier does what it is supposed to do: keep the moisture in but the bacteria out.

Are you ready to moisturise like a pro now? Time to give your skin some extra love and try our Super Nice Mānuka Honey & Vitamin E Face Moisturiser