Why hyaluronic acid should be your best friend

The word acid may frighten you - but no need to fear this one. In fact, it’s possibly one of the best things you could put on your skin. 

No, it is not an exfoliating acid as its name might suggest. It’s a substance that is naturally found in our bodies and skin. Small but hefty - it can hold up to 1000x its weight in water. It’s clear and gooey-looking, found in your eyes, joints and skin! It acts like a big bouncy cushion for your body parts - so that everything works and moves around smoothly.

Hyaluronic acid’s main job in skincare is to attract water and pull it into the skin, keeping it nice and hydrated. Water naturally evaporates from the skin all the time - hyaluronic acid slows down this process by preventing the water from escaping. 

We love her so much - she plumps up the skin, retains water, is an antioxidant, improves skin flexibility and so much more! This wonder ingredient helps if you have dehydrated skin - effectively balancing your hydration levels. It also helps to reinforce your skin barrier so your skin is not as vulnerable, and can protect itself better against the outside environment. Think of it as the glue holding your skin’s foundation together - without it, your skin would be weak and damaged.

How do you use it?

In general, any product containing hyaluronic acid should always be applied to damp skin. This is because hyaluronic acid works by grabbing onto the water and dragging it into the layers of your skin. Avoid putting on dry skin as this will potentially irritate your skin and won’t work properly. What will happen instead is that the hyaluronic acid has no water to grab onto - so it will start pulling the water from inside your skin to the outside - drying it out and making your skin red!

Did you know?

There is hyaluronic acid sourced from animals and vegan-hyaluronic acid. Animal-based hyaluronic acid can come from things like rooster combs (the red stuff on their heads!) or fish skin. Vegan or plant-based hyaluronic acid comes from microbial fermentation. This is just a fancy-schmancy scientific way of saying that the hyaluronic acid is made in a lab - from lots of small bacteria! This is how most hyaluronic acid is made - completely cruelty-free and ethical! If you’re unsure of where the hyaluronic acid comes from, contact your product’s manufacturer. Evre. will only ever use the vegan form of hyaluronic acid. No need to worry, as no animals are harmed in the making of our products!

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