Lucy Scarborough

Lucy is a wonder woman - she is all about health and fitness and teaches mindfulness through her work as a breath coach.  She even sky dives in her spare time!  In the coming months, we are excited to bring a series of blog posts from Lucy about these topics, in the meantime read all about her below.

How old are you are where do you live?

I live in Auckland and I'm 22.

What do you do?

F45 Trainer, Work at LES MILLS AKL City, Breathwork coach and a range of other projects - I make my work as varied and flexible as I can!  I also sky dive.

What is your great passion in life and why does it bring you joy?

Inspiring others to follow their dreams and chase what fuels their gut. Nothing makes me happier than chasing whatever gets them going.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Grab my journal, write out my morning gratitude, plan out my day, morning affirmations and get my thoughts out on paper, alongside a cacao mug or a coconut cappuccino.

What is your favourite way to wind down and chill out?

Hit the beach, lay in the sand, soak up the sun and listen to the waves.

What do you think makes a good friend?

Someone who has your back no matter what happens - through the good and the bad. They inspire you, build you up and you allow each other to continue to grow.

Is there someone famous who inspires you?  If so, who and why?

I honestly am constantly inspired to be a better version of myself every single day.

Describe your perfect weekend day?

Being surrounded by those I love, going on a spontaneous adventure, catching the sunrise, eating acai bowls and fresh food and moving my body, whether that's outdoors or getting my body moving in the gym.

Tell us about a time you had adversity in your life, how did you overcome it?

Dropping out of Uni after my first year to follow my dreams of becoming a full-time skydiver - I had to trust my gut and jump 100% into it although it was completely stepping out of the ‘norm’. Knowing that everything works out exactly how it is supposed to.

If you are feeling low, what self-care steps do you take to cheer yourself up?

Take some time for yourself to slow down, write it all out, put on some good music, get outdoors in nature, treat yourself to your favourite food, go for a drive and sing some songs - whatever it is for you.

What are your 3 top self-care tips to look after your mental and physical health?

Gratitude is my number one to shift my mood, get outdoors and in nature. For me this is being anywhere near the beach or ocean and I make myself my favourite foods.

What is your favourite song to put you in a good mood?

Take it easy - Stan Walker, you can listen to it here on the evre.playlist.

Favourite binge watch TV series?

OOOO I'm not usually one to sit and watch a TV series but it would have to be Money Heist or Blindspot.

How will you be spending this summer?

Living each day as if it were my last, spontaneous adventures, roadies, ocean dips, skydives, scuba dives, skating round, anything outdoors, that will be me.

What does your evening skincare regime look like?

I honestly keep it simple - exfoliate my skin in the shower, moisturise and I'm good to go for the night

What are your 3 favourite evre. products and why?

Where can we find you?

I am on Instagram, I have two pages, and @lucyscarbro