Unsure where to start with a skincare routine?

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first start a skincare routine.  Below is our suggestion for using our products to get maximum results.

How long does it take to see results?

Ever heard the saying it won't happen overnight, but it will happen?  This is true for skincare.  Whilst you will feel some immediate benefits after use; like more hydration or a dewy glow you will not see true results until after using a new product for 6 weeks. 

Do you need to use everything in the range to get the best results? 

Of course, we would love you to use all our products all the time, but we are also realistic that often budget and time doesn't always permit.  You can use our products alongside other brands or go all out (and make us incredibly happy) and use all our products in your regime - we will love you forever.

What should I be doing in the morning?

3 easy steps each morning:

1) Cleanse with Pineapple & Coconut Cream Cleanser - 1-2 pumps wash away with our Fancy Cloth for extra exfoliation and a deeper cleanse.

2) Mist face all over with Watermelon & Rose Face Mist 1-2 sprays

3) Moisturise with Mānuka Honey & Vit E Moisturiser 1-2 pumps

Then add your SPF (this is crucial even when it isn't sunny) and then put on any makeup you might want to wear that day.  

What should I be doing in the evening?

We recommend a double cleanse.  When you cleanse your skin at night, you wash away all the bacteria and dirt that your skin has collected throughout the day (even if you can’t see it, dust and pollution particles pile up on your skin all day long).

Next step is to choose your treatment: (doing a scrub and mask in the same session is fine)

  • Once to twice a week use an exfoliating scrub like our Raspberry & Almond Face Scrub.
  • Once to twice a week we recommend using one of our masks, this is dependent on your skin's needs.  If you feel like an extra hydration boost, go with our Very Berry Hyaluronic Hydration Mask, if you need to de-congest your pores try our Kiwi & Avo Clay Mask. You could try using both at the same time!  You do this by putting the hydration mask on your cheeks which tend to be drier and the clay mask across your forehead nose and chin (otherwise known as your t-zone).  Or use the mud mask first and follow with the jelly mask for an added hydration boost.
  • Finish with a mist and moisturise as per your morning routine.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit so go easy on yourself and try and stick with it.  Healthy dewy skin is only a few weeks away.