nurturing your skin is nurturing yourself

We are more than a skincare brand with pretty bottles. We believe self-care is important.

Pimples are annoying. Blackheads too. But it is not just about skin.

For us it's about creating good self-care habits that empower you to live your way.

It's time to celebrate feeling good in your skin!

why self-care is important

Some days, life feels a little bit more complicated. We get it.

Doing something small for yourself can really help you get back on track. It’s a proven fact.

Creating easy self-care habits allows your mind to relax so you think more clearly. When you stop to listen to your body, it also tells you what it needs.

A pimple? Your hormones are in overdrive – or maybe you’re touching your face too much. Dull skin? Time for a little rest and some hydration. 5 minutes of pampering can make your worries melt away and your skin glow.

self-care is in & self-doubt is out you can do something small to look after your emotional well-being, here are a few suggestions to get you started on your self-care journey:

  • Go for a walk and get into nature for a while

  • Rewatch your favourite TV show or movie

  • Take a nap

  • Light a nice smelling candle, play your favourite music

  • Delete an app, or mute a group chat

  • Eat your favourite meal, have a big glass of water

  • Call a friend

  • Say no to a commitment

  • Try something new

  • Wear something that makes you feel good

  • Try journaling and writing down how you feel

  • Run a bath, pop a face mask on and listen to our evre. playlist