Try this PM routine

This is a two-part series on different routines at different times of the day - if you’re interested, you might be keen to check out the AM routine article here if you haven't yet done so.

You’ve come home from a long day at school or work. Maybe you were on your feet all day. 

You may have sweated a lot - doing sports, activities or walking around. You might've had to wear a mask all day - your lower face is feeling dry, irritated and might even be red. 

Your skin is looking drab rather than fab, but all you want to do is just curl up in bed and conk out - it's been a long twenty-four hours. But, if you don’t cleanse your face properly at the end of the day, your skin is more likely to get irritated. It can clog up with oils, bacteria and dust which can lead to pimples - something none of us want if we can avoid it! So, before you head off to get some zzz’s, first you should take care of your skin!

Luckily for you, you don't need that many steps. 5, 8, 10-step skincare routine? It can be too much work and most of the time unnecessary - we hear you on this. Simplifying it to the core routine and sticking with it is what matters most in the long run. 

If you wore makeup, you need to remove it first! Our Oh So Extra Coconut and Pineapple Cleanser is a great low-effort solution at the end of a long day. Being a cream cleanser, it can go on dry without the need for water. So slap it on, massage it in and use some cotton pads to wipe off. Make sure you get every part of your face, even if it takes a bit more time. You don’t want to miss some spots which can potentially clog your pores if not removed, or left on your skin for too long. Rinse your face with lukewarm water so that no cleanser is left sitting on your skin!

If you didn’t have makeup on today, hop into the shower, wet your face and pump out that cleanser! Our cream based cleanser is the most ideal for this step, too. Foam based cleansers tend to create heaps of bubbles - sometimes they’re OTT and these bubbles can strip out moisture - which ain’t good for your skin. Tons of bubbles are also potentially irritating to sensitive skin.

Every 2-3 days, use a gentle exfoliator at night-time. Using an exfoliator during the daytime before you go out can sensitise your skin and make it more prone to sun damage. Our award-winning Time To Shine Raspberry & Almond Gentle Face Scrub is a nourishing, gentle and effective exfoliating scrub - and it also happens to smell scrumdiddlyumptious! Say goodbye to dead skin cells and impurities and say hello to nourished, soothed and hydrated skin! You don’t have to worry about drying out or stripping your face - the formulation is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types!

Now, this is where the fun begins! Depending on your skin condition or current mood, you can choose to treat yourself and your skin to some well-deserved me-time. Face masks are a great way to give yourself some self-care throughout the week. Lucky for you, evre. has two specially-curated face masks to choose from. 

If your skin is feeling quite drab and dull, in need of some detoxifying, the It’s a Vibe Kiwi & Avo Face Mud Mask. Kaolin clay draws out excess oil, sebum and impurities. It cleanses and clears out pores while avocado and kiwi seed oil are there to restore moisture, soothe and refresh. Apply, let dry and rinse goodbye. Get ready to dry your face and don’t be alarmed when you end up with soothed, glowy and smooth skin. Careful, one try of this mask and it might instantly turn into your go-to. 

Skin feeling super dry and in need of a pick-me-up? There’s no better way than the Treat Yo'Self Verry Berry Hyaluronic Hydration Jelly Face Mask. Smelling like yummy candied berries, this all-natural fragrance is just one of the perks. Because you use this on clean, damp skin, the plant-derived hyaluronic acid is able to effectively do its job. It draws well-needed water molecules deep down into your skin’s layers, plumping it up and making your skin look anew. It’s also full of restorative antioxidants that give anti-inflammatory benefits, restore your skin barrier and aid in healing.

While waiting for your face mask to do its work, take this time to relax and wind down - curl up in your PJ’s, read a book, brew a cuppa tea or binge watch your favourite show.

If you’re feeling extra, consider giving your whole body some special TLC, too. Sometimes it can be so much effort to moisturise your whole body, but our Get Your Glow On Mango Shimmer Body Butter  might just make you change your mind. This glowing and nourishing goodness smells like a tropical vacation - think fresh mangoes and sunshine. It also gives your skin a subtle shimmer so that you can sparkle inside and out!

Now last, but not at all least, we can’t forget one of our most important steps - that’s right, you guessed it - moisturiser! If you’re on the hunt for a lightweight but nourishing moisturiser, our Super Nice Mānuka Honey & Vitamin E Face Moisturiser is an all-rounder that gets the job well done. Ending off your skincare routine with moisturiser locks in all that hydration and gives your skin a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.