Masks - do they work?

Yes they do. Face masks give your skin a lot of extra care, but they also make you feel good too. Here’s all you need to know about masks.

What does a mask do?

It depends on its purpose – and formula. Some masks are made to reduce the oil in your skin, some others are designed to plump your skin with extra moisture. But it’s not all. Others are made to even out your skin tone and some others are exfoliating and get rid of the dead skin cells that clutter your pores. That’s a lot, we know.

That’s why at evre. we like to keep things simple for you and we focus on what your young skin likely needs the most: to keep excess oil in control and to boost hydration with extra nourishment. Because when your skin is healthy, it does its job well - and glows!

When should you use a mask?

  • Because masks deliver a large concentration of active ingredients to your skin, they need time to work. This is why they are best done at night-time so you’re not rushed (also your skin keeps on processing all the goodness in the formula during the night and you get the full benefit in the morning). It’s a good way to relax after a busy day.
  • When you feel your skin needs a good detox, it needs a refreshing, deep cleansing mask. That’s what It’s A Vibe Kiwi And Avo Mud Mask does. It gets rid of that annoying extra oil as well as the impurities stuck into your pores with detoxifying kaolin clay and willow bark extract. That’s not all, it also nourishes and hydrates your skin with avocado, kiwi seed, sweet almond and evening primrose seed oils. And just because we believe that protection is always a good idea, it also helps to protect your skin from damaging free radicals (your skin’s enemies, like pollution) with Rosemary leaf extract.
  • When you feel that your skin needs a bit of love, it tells you that it needs nourishing and hydrating care. We have made Treat Yo’Self Very Berry Hyaluronic Hydration Jelly Face Mask to give your skin the 5-star treatment. Our plant-derived hyaluronic acid helps to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture so your skin gets can work efficiently, even on those sticky, humid days.

Why it is good to use a mask applicator

What’s the point of using great products, if you keep dipping into the pot with dirty fingers? Ok, we don’t think you actually apply products with dirty fingers (well, hopefully you don’t!) but touching your products in the container and closing the lid for next application means that even with clean hands you risk to leave bacteria in the formula.

You may not think about it but if you’ve touched your shelf or drawer to pick up your mask, you are transferring bacteria from the shelf to your face, and to the product in your pot.

If you use a mask in a tub, there’s another good reason to use an applicator: you will use just the right amount of product for your face and not waste any, so it lasts longer – and saves you $$$. When you use your fingers, you probably will wash off as much product from your fingers than your face and waste your next application in the process. If you do this 5 times, it is 5 applications down the drain, literally.

How to apply your mask

  • Face masks will deliver all their goodness if you cleanse your skin properly first. When your skin is clean, it is ready to absorb all the good ingredients that are contained in your face mask.
  • Scoop a two-dollar coin dollop of product with your applicator (or apply it directly to your applicator), then start spreading over your face, starting from the nose and the rest of your T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin), then lathering towards the edges of your face.
  • Don’t forget your jaws, this is one area that you touch all day long without realising and that collects bacteria fast.
  • Let it work its magic for a few minutes (check the instructions on the pack to see how long you should leave your mask on) and in the meantime, do some neck stretches or some breathing exercises to unwind your body. A good way to relax your body and mind at once is to lie on the floor with your arms relaxed by your sides and the palm of your hands facing up and take deep breaths. You won’t notice the time passing and you will feel ready for a good night’s sleep.
  • Rinse with warm (not hot) water and use a cotton cloth to remove the product well.
  • Follow with your moisturiser and you’re ready to glow.