Nurturing Healthy Skincare Habits: A Message from Evre’s Founder

To Evre.Parent,

Allow me to introduce myself: I am the founder of Evre and a mother to teens. My journey with Evre began out of a simple necessity - the inability to find skincare products tailored for my teenage daughter that were both suitable for her age and stage of life, and that she would actually use. In a market flooded with cheap, subpar products sporting questionable ingredients or targeting older demographics with different skincare concerns, I saw a gap that needed to be filled. Evre was born from the desire to create a brand specifically for young people, offering quality skincare at a price point that made sense.

In recent times, the talk around tweens and teens embracing skincare at increasingly younger ages has dominated social media and news feeds alike. From viral TikToks depicting children as young as 8 clamoring over adult skincare products in stores to headlines in the media highlighting this trend, it's clear that the issue lies not with the tweens/teens themselves, but with the environment we've created for them. This is where Evre steps in - striving to offer a solution in a fiercely competitive and cluttered skincare landscape.

At Evre, we understand the importance of striking a balance in skincare practices - promoting healthy self-care habits while avoiding fixation or obsession. While skincare undoubtedly plays a crucial role in self-care, it's imperative to approach it with mindfulness, steering clear of excessive complexity or unnecessary extravagance.

Research indicates the potential risks of overusing certain skincare ingredients like retinol and chemical exfoliants from a young age, which can leave the skin vulnerable to UV damage and disrupt its natural microbiome, leading to inflammatory disorders. Dermatologists concur that simplicity is key for optimal skin health.

Therefore at Evre we advocate for a minimalist approach, focusing on essentials like a gentle cleanser, moisturiser, and SPF protection. These foundational steps provide the necessary nourishment and defense without overwhelming the skin with unnecessary products.

We recognise that skincare needs may vary based on individual circumstances, such as acne or blemishes, and that is why we offer targeted treatments tailored to address specific concerns effectively.

Our mission at Evre is to empower young individuals to embrace skincare as a form of self-care, promoting moderation and mindfulness. By providing guidance and accessible products, we aim to cultivate a healthy relationship with skincare that enhances confidence and well-being.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting us with your teen’s skincare journey and being part of our community.

Here's to happy skin and happy teens!


Founder. Evre Skincare