This should be your acne-banishing routine

Need help with incorporating your new acne-fighting products into your current routine? We’re here to help with the confusion and tell you what products are best to use, when. 

If you want more info on our new acne product releases and what they are, read our previous blog here!

Ready to start battling that acne? Let’s get to it!

First things first, you want to start off your morning right by grabbing the Do Your Thing AHA & BHA Gel Cleanser for Oil Control 100ml. It’s the perfect product to clear any skin buildup that has accumulated overnight, while keeping your skin hydrated and reducing any inflammation. Throughout the night our face can take on dust, saliva, bacteria and oils from our pillow. These can build up on our skin - potentially leading to clogged pores and pimples. This multitasking cleanser is great at unclogging and removing buildup on the surface. This means it won’t strip your face dry - but it will get rid of any excess oils that lead to acne formation. A staple in your morning routine!

Sometimes your skin might need that extra bit of encouragement. Our game-changing Face Up To It, 1.5% Salicylic Acid Clarifying Blemish Dry Oil 30ml might just be that extra thing it needs in the mornings. You can use this all over the face, or spot treat on areas of your skin you want to target. Pat it in gently to absorb all the goodness! Our “dry” oil sinks quickly into the skin instead of leaving it slimy and heavy. Incorporating an oil into your routine helps to dissolve excess oils, while regulating your skin’s oil production throughout the day. Think - less greasy and more breathable skin! Combat any congestion, while nourishing your skin with strong anti-inflammatory properties and reducing the redness that comes with acne. Soothing, calming and anti-acne, what more could you ask for?

After all of that, do you look in the mirror and find stubborn scarring that gets you down? No fear, our Bright & Early Vitamin C Blemish Scar Serum 30mL is here! Speed up your skin’s healing process with our potent, nourishing blend. Even after you’re done treating and trying to get rid of acne, it unfortunately can leave unwanted pigmentation and scarring. This little wonder serum is perfect for evening out your skin and visibly reduces the appearance of any spots. The  highly stable derivative Vitamin C brightens dull skin and improves skin discoloration. 

Not only that, using vitamin C in the morning will prove the most effective because that’s when your skin needs it the most. Did you know that vitamin C actually helps to protect against free radicals (a.k.a the bad stuff from the sun that hurts our skin)? Applying Vitamin C in the mornings before heading out will actually boost protection from the sun - but only if used together with SPF! This damage-fighting duo will shield against the sun’s harsh UV rays, saving your skin from harm. So if you’re using our vitamin C serum, ALWAYS make sure to follow up with a SPF (preferably with a 30+ rating), so your skin can get the defense it needs.

Which leads us to our next steps - moisturiser and SPF! Hopefully you are already using these in your routine - but a reminder that these are very important and unskippable products! Moisturiser will seal in all the goodies you’ve applied beforehand and plump up your skin with the moisture it requires. SPF is a no-brainer - your delicate skin needs a shield from the harsh sunlight. After all of this, you’re ready to go about your day!

Post sunlight hours, it seems like a huge chore to go through yet another routine. But remember, treat your skin how you would like to be treated - take care of it and it will thank you for it! Not sticking to a consistent daily routine can compromise your skin and undo all your previous hard work. Your skin will definitely accumulate all sorts of grime throughout the day - even if you’ve just been sticking indoors. 

Your evening routine should look similar to your AM one, except only 3 steps - hooray!

  1. You still should use your AHA & BHA Cleanser - and don’t worry about over exfoliation because our formula is gentle enough to use twice a day without irritating your skin - same with our Clarifying Blemish Oil Blend! 
  2. As a follow up, your Clarifying Blemish Oil Blend will help to get rid of any buildup on your skin that accumulated while you were out and about. At the same time, it provides soothing relief and nourishing antioxidants that will treat your skin while you sleep.
  3. Last but not least, lock everything in with a moisturiser!

Done and dusted! We hope these tips provide some insight on how you can use our new products to nourish your skin on the daily. Try it out for yourself and feel the difference!