We've got your morning routine covered

AM routine? PM routine? Do we really need a different routine for different times of the day? The answer is yes! Let’s find out why.

Imagine this. You've just woken up. Snooze the alarm, you want to go back to sleep. You finally get up and have a glance at your face in the mirror. Ugh. Puffy, tired and groggy. It's the start of another day.

So thankfully, your AM routine doesn’t need to be too complicated, we know it’s waaaay too early for that. 

The essentials? A gentle cleanser and a moisturiser. 

Throughout the night our face can take on dust, saliva, bacteria and oils from our pillow. These can build up on our skin - potentially leading to clogged pores and pimples. 

(A friendly reminder to change your pillowcase every week or so - especially because oils from your hair transfer to your pillow which then make their way onto your precious face!)

Also, tossing and turning at night can irritate your skin. This is because your face is rubbing against your pillow and the friction can cause irritation.

This is why washing your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning is ideal. Our Oh So Gentle Coconut and Pineapple Cleanser has all the right and natural ingredients to make sure your face is clean but not stripped. It’s a cream-based cleanser so it won’t bubble up and irritate your skin, but instead will leave it refreshed and hydrated. Vitamin C helps to protect and brighten skin - so you can start the day with your skin cleansed and looking fleek.

If you're running late, skipping the cleanser is okay. Rinse your face with a splash of lukewarm water and pat dry with a face towel. Spritz your favourite mist and/or apply moisturiser.

When you wake up, your moisturiser from the night before has definitely dried up. It’s important to re-moisturise your skin to keep it healthy and maintain plumpness. This is the most important step - balancing your skin with moisturiser helps your face to regulate its oil production. Your face will tend to not produce as much throughout the day and keeps your face protected from environmental stressors (think sunlight, dust, wind and dirt)!

Our Super Nice Manuka Honey and Vitamin E Face Moisturiser is a no-fuss easy go-to in the mornings. It comes in a pump bottle - so none of that messiness and effort that comes with opening a jar. Just a few pumps, slab it on, rub it in and you’re good to go! It will bless your skin with the trifecta holy grails of moisture - jojoba, avocado and rosehip oil. It also contains active 10+ UMF manuka honey which is anti-inflammatory so helps with morning puffiness. Last, but not least, Vitamin E boosts your skin with antioxidants and strengthens your skin barrier. 

If your face needs an extra ~zhush~, we recommend finishing up with a spritz of hydrating mist for that extra boost. It will give your skin plump and deep hydration while soothing. 

Formulated with hydrating watermelon and rose water, our Wake Me Up Watermelon and Rose Face Mist is the hydration power your skin needs. It’s chock-a-block with antioxidants - powerhouse chemicals that will heal, reduce the appearance of redness and restore suppleness. Soothing and refreshing, this is also great to take in your bag on the go, for whenever you need a quick refresh.

Lastly, give your body a lil’ stretch! This isn’t skin-related, but stretching helps you release those feel-good chemicals and makes a great start to your day - it's a no-brainer! If you have time in the morning, it’s also great to practice some mindfulness - list 3 things in your life that you feel grateful for and 3 things you’re looking forward to.