Unmasking the Truth: Why We Say No to Sheet Masks and Wipes 🌿

We're here to spill the tea on a hot topic in the beauty industry – sheet masks and wipes. You know, those go-to skincare essentials that promise glowing skin but often come at a hefty environmental cost? Well, guess what? At Evre we are taking a stand by refusing to make them. Let's unmask the truth behind this bold decision!

Why We Say No to Sheet Masks and Wipes 🚫

At Evre, we're all about beauty that doesn't harm the Earth. When we looked at the environmental impact of sheet masks and wipes, it was clear that they didn't align with our values. Here's why:

  1. Single-Use Plastics 🌊

Most sheet masks and wipes are packaged in single-use plastic materials that wreak havoc on our oceans and landfills. We believe it's time to break up with single-use plastics for good.Β  Did you know that all our bottle packaging is made from PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) which is basically reused plastic. We aim for a minimum of 30% PCR content and on some products we use 100%.

  1. Unsustainable Ingredients 🌿

Many sheet masks and wipes contain ingredients that aren't exactly Mother Nature's best friends. From synthetic fragrances to harsh chemicals, they can harm your skin and the environment. No thanks!

  1. Excessive Packaging πŸ“¦

Have you ever noticed how much packaging these products come with? It's like unwrapping a present just to reveal a tiny treasure inside. All that extra packaging is wasteful and totally unnecessary.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives We Swear By 🌎

Now, let's talk about the positive side of things! We're all about solutions at Evre. We've curated some eco-friendly alternatives that will give you gorgeous skin without harming the planet:

  1. Clean and Green Skincare 🌱

Our skincare products are loaded with natural and sustainable ingredients that love your skin as much as they love the Earth. We believe in transparency – you'll always know exactly what's in our products.Β  All our ingredients are 100% natural and fair trade.

  1. Reusable Beauty Tools ♻️

Invest in reusable beauty tools like cleansing cloths they are better to remove makeup as they give you a slight exfoliation at the same time.Β  We recommend our fancy cloths, we also make a great eco-friendly mask brush which is good for applying your mask. Both are durable, easy to clean, and won't end up in a landfill after a single use.

  1. DIY Beauty Recipes 🍯

Get creative with DIY beauty recipes using ingredients from your kitchen. Avocado face masks, coffee scrubs, and honey cleansers are just a few ideas. It's fun, cost-effective, and Earth-friendly!

Join Our Eco-Friendly Beauty Movement 🌟

We're not just a beauty brand; we're a community of young people who are passionate about preserving our planet while looking and feeling fantastic. Here's how you can join our eco-friendly beauty movement:

  1. Spread the Word πŸ“’

Tell your friends, family, and followers about our commitment to eco-friendly beauty. Encourage them to make the switch and take small steps toward a greener future.Β  Make sure you follow us on Instagram and on TikTok.

  1. Embrace Your Natural Beauty 🌸

Remember that beauty isn't about covering up; it's about enhancing your natural glow. Embrace your uniqueness and let your inner beauty shine through.

  1. Share Your Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips 🌿

Have a skincare hack that's kind to the Earth? Share it with us.Β  Together, we can inspire change.

At Evre, we believe that beauty shouldn't cost the Earth. By saying no to sheet masks and wipes, we're making a stand for eco-friendly skincare that enhances yourΒ skin while protecting our planet.πŸŒΏπŸ’š

Stay fabulous, eco-warriors! 🌟