Molly Brown - dancer

We are super excited to be working with Molly Brown as our first ever evre.girl brand ambassador.  We sat down with her to talk all things self-care and her passion - dance!

How old are you and where do you live?

I'm 16 years old and live in Christchurch.

When you are not dancing what are you doing?

I am at high school in year 11.

What is your great passion in life and why does it bring you joy?

My greatest passion is dance, I dance with Levings Dance Company.  I have danced since I was three and fell in love with it after my first lesson.  I love to dance because of the discipline, friendships and performing for an audience.  I also like the opportunities to travel and make friends all over the world with a similar passion.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is drink a big glass of water.

What is your favourite way to wind down and chill out?

It is actually to tidy my room!

What do you think makes a good friend?

Loyalty, honesty and genuinely being there for each other no matter what.

Is there someone famous who inspires you?  If so, who and why?

Lady Gaga.  I love how no matter what she has followed her dreams and has never given up. 

Describe your perfect weekend day?

Getting on a plane and flying to Paris for Fashion week with Emma Chamberlain.  Then visiting and dancing at Disneyland.

Tell us about a time you had adversity in your life, how did you overcome it?

When I am struggling with obstacles or disappointments, often I will take a couple of days to reflect and then talk it through with my family and work through my next steps.

If you are feeling low, what self-care steps do you take to cheer yourself up?

I will often go and take a relaxing bath and do all my skin care regimes, then finish with a super nourishing meal.

What are your three top self-care tips to look after your mental and physical health?

Having a good group of friends, make your bed every morning, writing in a journal and eating well.

What is your favourite song to put you in a good mood?

Any Christmas or Lady Gaga song - my favourite by her is Always Remember Us This Way.  (To listen to it you can download our evre.playlist here).

What is your favourite binge watch TV series?

My all-time favourite is Dance Moms.

How will you be spending this summer?

Hopefully in the Gold Coast dancing.  If not, then hanging out with my family and friends here in NZ.

What does your evening skincare regime look like?

Cleanse and exfoliate and then twice a week I do a face mask and finish off with moisturiser.  I have just started using a LED mask and I use this every other night.

What are your three favourite evre. products and why?

  1. Oh So Extra Pineapple & Coconut Face Cleanser - I like using the cleanser, as it cleanses my skin without stripping the skin.  If I've had a face full of stage makeup and need the extra cleanse, I do a double cleanse and the makeup is all gone.
  2. Time To Shine Raspberry & Almond Face Scrub - is one of my favourites because it leaves my skin feeling super smooth but doesn't irritate my skin which is very sensitive.  Not to mention the smell is also unreal and I love the colour too.
  3. Get Your Glow On Mango Shimmer Body Butter - I love the body butter because of the amazing smell and the shimmer it leaves after use.  It makes my legs feel incredible yet doesn't irritate my skin.

Where can we find you?

I'm on Instagram @mollyb_official